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1. If you ask me where I’m from, I will tell you Uukwaluudhi (North). 😋

2. I speak some Persian and I can say a few things in Finnish. 

3. I’ve been giving myself haircuts since the age of twelve.

4. My all time favourite series is LOST. 

5. I’ve been listening to rap music since age five I think, but I also love Lana Del Rey, The Weeknd and Jhene Aiko. 🎶

6. I drive a red Nissan Juke registered in Otjiwarongo. 🚗 The same place I received my Driver’s Licence in 2012. 

7. My all time favourite cartoon is Adventure Time. 

8. I know how to fire, reload and (take apart and) clean different firearms. 

9. I love animals, but I’m allergic to the furry type, cats, dogs, etc. 

10. I love babies! If you ever need a babysitter, contact me. No joke. 😊👶

11. I tend to tell people that I’m a full Wambo (Namibian) when asked, but as far as I know, I’ve got (East) Indian and Chinese ancestry.

12. Jules is my mommy, my best friend, my everything. ♥️ 🙈

13. I cook and I bake. Savoury and Sweet. Local, Caribbean, Chinese, Indian, Italian, Middle Eastern and Vietnamese.  👌 

14. I know how to change a tyre, check/ change the oil/ water in a car. 

15. I am a (future) regular blood donor. 💉

16. I have multiple allergies, food, dust, plants, etc. 😷

17. I was a redhead as a child, but I currently have some random blonde strands. 😒

18. I’m not a fan of travel. I like the idea of experiencing other cultures, but the process of getting there, I find to be unpleasant. 👎

19. In 2011, I was confirmed as a Lutheran (Christian), but I incorporate Buddhism, Hinduism, Islamic and Judaism beliefs into my daily life. 

20. I enjoy taking landscape pictures, but the Earth is not going to pay me. So I take pictures of people instead. 📷 (Contact me for bookings 0812151274)
Contact me for bookings: 0812151274
at Supreme Court Of Namibia, Windhoek
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Accidentally matching.
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And I had Froosh to drink. I normally drink water, but I decided to try something different.  #Froosh #Fruit #Juice #Healthy #Organic #Ginger #Carrot #Apple #Etc #TastesLikeGingerMostly